At Federal-Mogul, we are a vital part of the communities in which we work and live, which is why our employees across the globe participate in local charitable initiatives, including volunteering their personal time toward fundraising and collecting for local food banks; hosting blood drives; supporting schools and hospitals; improving living conditions in rural areas; and helping the environment through organized clean-up efforts and reforestation campaigns. As a company we support the important work of non-profit organizations that provide disaster relief, and we encourage our employees to be actively engaged with numerous outreach activities. We are also proud supporters of local first responders and military veterans, and regularly engage with a variety of local programs in the countries in which we operate.  For instance, in India, 2% of our net earnings are dedicated to programs that support the under-privileged, including education for children and skills-training for women to enhance their employability.  

Federal-Mogul is passionate about educational issues for children of all ages, around the world, and has participated in mentoring programs in order to aid at-risk students with their schooling.  Globally, for example, we have volunteered to restock libraries, build schools, and teach classes to help students achieve their educational goals.  We also have many location-specific programs to reward our employees’ children for outstanding academic performance.