Respectful Work Environment
Federal-Mogul maintains a respectful work environment where employees are afforded the same considerations regardless of position or status, nationality or national origin, race, religion, gender, physical abilities, sexual orientation, age and/or other characteristics. We encourage our global workforce to respect, trust and help each other, regardless of individual and cultural differences. 

Wages and Benefits
Federal-Mogul’s objective is to provide competitive compensation, healthcare coverage and other benefits throughout its global operations. The company meets all legal requirements, including mandatory minimum wages. These plans support the success of our global workforce and are designed to provide every employee with health and wellness protection. 

Working Conditions and Human Rights
Federal-Mogul supports the protection of international human rights within the realm of its influence and is committed to operating responsibly and enabling safe working conditions. These standards are the overarching principles guiding our business practices and are consistent with the human rights framework identified in:

  • The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • The United Nations Global Compact
  • The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises
  • The Global Sullivan Principles of Social Responsibility

Each employee is governed by our company policies, which policies specifically address basic human rights, forced/compulsory labor, child labor, discrimination and harassment, freedom of association, health and safety, compensation and working hours.

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
Federal-Mogul acknowledges and respects the rights of our workers to choose whether or not to join unions and bargain collectively, or work through local works councils, in accordance with applicable laws. Federal-Mogul is in line with local laws and requirements for different labor contracts with labor organizations representing employees in our global workforce.

Additional information on our social sustainability polices can be found in our Basic Working Conditions Policy.

Compliance and Ethics
Federal-Mogul is dedicated to transparency and ethical business practices.  Our continued commitments to innovation and excellence are grounded in our commitment to maintaining a culture of integrity. As such we hold our employees accountable for upholding our core values and for adhering to our company Code of Conduct. Each of our employees is required to complete an annual training program to reinforce our values and the strength of our commitment to ethical business practices.

Federal-Mogul values diversity and everything it embodies; therefore, we maintain our commitment to provide a business environment in which the differences that make individuals unique are valued. In accordance with our Valuing Global Diversity Policy, we view diversity as an asset, while seeking to optimize the effectiveness of teams and the business as a whole. 
Additional information can be found in our Code of Conduct