Welcome to the Federal-Mogul LLC - CSR Report

Federal-Mogul is committed to enabling a healthier and more productive world. In this, our first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)/Sustainability Report, we outline our company’s commitment to build a sustainable future in three key areas:

As a global organization, our commitment to supporting people is manifested through active community engagement in the education of young people and support for workplace safety and human rights. Our maxim, “If it’s not safe, stop it” is integral to our business operations and contributes to the company’s global commitment to appropriate working conditions and adherence to high ethical standards. These values extend to the replacement parts provided to our customers, repair technicians and end consumers which emphasize quality, safety, reliability and performance.

Our mission is intrinsically linked to our commitment to respect the environment by operating in a sustainable manner. Environmental preservation, sustainable business processes and strict adherence to regulatory practices are fundamental to Federal-Mogul’s business doctrine. Our manufacturing facilities are managed in accordance with the ISO14001 international standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS).  In 2013, we established a 3-year target to achieve a 3% reduction in energy use, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, and water use, to be achieved by the end of 2016.

Further, our long-established pledge to develop innovative, advanced products is enabling increased efficiency, improved fuel consumption and a reduction in emissions. Every new advanced technology that Federal-Mogul Powertrain brings to market supports its goal of perfecting the internal combustion engine to enhance performance and, at the same time, reduce emissions.  Additionally, Federal-Mogul Motorparts is a pioneer in green braking technologies, creating OE-quality products that anticipate the future and contain more environmentally-friendly materials than legislatively required.

The overarching need to respect our environment is an imperative as Federal-Mogul continues to operate in many globally diversified business sectors.  We recognize and accept our duties and responsibilities to deliver on commitments to our customers and business partners, while striving for an even greater positive impact on our employees and the communities in which we live and work.