Federal-Mogul has been creating value through innovation and leading technology for more than 100 years. Today, the company is a key player in the global marketplace, serving industries that range from automotive and commercial vehicles to railroad and aerospace. Customers know they can rely on Federal-Mogul's quality excellence in products, trusted brands and creative solutions.

This company started with a bold idea and over time grew into a FORTUNE 500 company with a global workforce thousands strong. The Federal-Mogul team has celebrated countless victories and worked hard to overcome the inevitable challenges. We invite you to explore our unique story through the links below.


The Federal-Mogul Corporation was founded in 1899 by J. Howard Muzzy and Edward F. Lyon as the Muzzy-Lyon Company. The partners sold mill supplies and rubber goods, but they also set up an early subsidiary called the Mogul Metal Company. Under this new umbrella, they began to revolutionize the bearing industry. The pair started developing specialized metals to meet different bearing needs, and they were pioneers in die-casting replacement bearings to the right size and shape. Before the latter innovation, mechanics had to gouge out the old bearing from the motor block and pour in new metal.


The Mogul Metal Company created a new Babbitt metal called Mogul and sold it under the Duro and Mogul brand names.


The Muzzy-Lyon Company incorporated and elected its first board of directors.


The organization’s first stockholder meeting was held.