COBRA (Controlled Boosting for Rapid Response Application) is a range of water cooled electric superchargers. Following years of development, COBRA superchargers are technically mature and are entirely configurable with commercial vehicle application requirements, including those used in the medium to heavy-duty and off-highways sectors.

Using electrical energy which has been kept in storage, COBRA systems are capable of increasing internal combustion engines’ air supply. An outstanding dynamic response for different drive and engine operating cycles, along with fast acceleration, are offered by the low rotor inertia of COBRA’s motor technology. Thanks to this ‘on-demand’ air system, utilizing state of the art CO2 reduction technologies, emission reductions are offered to air loop solutions, with fuel economy benefits of up to 15 percent. Smoke opacity and transient smoke limits can be avoided through the improved control of the air-fuel ratio.

Collectively, these features support a range of benefits which include:

Engine Down-Sizing

  • Maintaining or increasing transient torque availability
  • Improved air delivery control with less complex mechanical installation than multi-stage turbocharger and other sophisticated mechanical turbocharger solutions
  • 10-15% fuel economy benefit achievable

Engine Down-Speeding

  • Maintaining or increasing transient torque availability
  • Alternative gear shift strategies for improved fuel economy (e.g., bus automatic transmission)
  • 5% fuel economy benefit achievable

Increased Performance

  • Supports use of engine in diverse applications and various operating environments
  • Reduced pumping losses
  • Reduced transient load on turbocharger and therefore reduced back-pressure on base engine
  • 3-5% fuel economy benefit achievable

Reduced After-Treatment Loading

  • Increased transient air supply improves combustion, reducing particulate emissions and associated loading on after-treatment system
  • Enabling reduced after-treatment system size and cost
  • Extends service intervals and reduces operating costs

Advanced Air Loop Concepts

  • Enabling pumped EGR system to support use of EGR over an extended engine speed range
  • Supports a cost effective after-treatment solution


  • Electrical, coolant and CAN connections only
  • Sealed bearings mean less complex system integration