The compact and fully controllable COBRA FC (Fuel Cell Air Supply) variant does a great job of utilizing the dynamic response of the COBRA design in the delivery of air at prescribed pressures, supporting optimum fuel cell system performance. COBRA FC performs a high pressure quasi-continuous operation with variable flow rates. Its easily integrable design means it is ideal for motive power and stationary range of fuel cell applications.

Only electricity, CAN and coolant connections are needed for COBRA FC – available now in 12V, 24V and 48V versions – and easy system integration is made possible by sealed, maintenance-free bearings. Extended duration higher power events are supported by liquid cooling, which is also integrable with the Fuel Cell coolant circuit – this protects the rotor from moisture and dirt ingress.

COBRA FC comes as a standard C88 design. For customers with specific pressure ratio and flow rate requirements, a bespoke impeller design option offers complete configuration.

The benefits of COBRA FC include:

Compact Design

  • Single integrated unit incorporating all control and power electronics (assembled into a sealed housing at the rear of the machine)
  • Direct drive of impeller
  • Water cooled for thermal management

Fully Controllable

  • CAN control protocols
  • Integrates readily into a vehicle and/or fuel cell control system
  • Readily controlled load and pressure variables