CPT SpeedStart® 

CPT SpeedStart® Belt Integrated Starter Generator is designed to substitute the standard alternator in P0 belt-driven motor generator hybrid applications. It can also substitute the starter motor depending on the application.

CPT SpeedStart® is compatible with 12V, 24V and 48V electrical architectures. Each of these can deliver efficient electrical generation and can recuperate the kinetic energy normally lost during vehicle deceleration. With good efficiency over a varied speed range, fuel consumption and emissions are reduced because the electrical energy is returned to the crankshaft.

Our Switched Reluctance (SR) motor technology uses advanced thermodynamic design to harvest higher levels of recuperated energy over extended periods of time. This harvest is also much more frequent compared to other e-motor technologies.

State-of-the-art components were used to develop the control and power electronics for CPT SpeedStart®. This in-house process allows us to customize components to meet specific performance requirements. Liquid cooling is used for thermal management, maximizing functionality up to 105°C and progressively de-rating performance to 120°C.

We use industry standard electro-magnetic simulation tools to optimise winding topographies for specific application requirements. These tools also allow us to specify machine features for efficiency and manufacturing purposes.

Our software and motor control strategies were also developed in-house, based on a combination of simulation capabilities and industry standard tools to determine the machine operation mode. This enabled us to control torque, current, speed and voltage. Our development methodologies are A-Spice compliant and ISO 26262 compliance is also available subject to customer requirements.

CPT SpeedStart® offers a broad range of benefits that include:

  • Thermal management
  • Active stator (rotor is passive) efficiently cooled by engine coolant
  • Full functionality with engine coolant up to 105°C and progressively de-rated performance to 120°C
  • Controllability
  • Integrated microprocessor supports dynamic performance and advanced functionality
  • High efficiency
  • High capability generation over full operating speed of engine
  • Straightforward and durable Mechanical Design
  • Validated to 1.2 million cranking events and arduous environmental test standards
  • Low rotating inertia
  • Low parasitic losses
  • Good dynamic response
  • Functional safety
  • Zero current machine avoids self-excitation
  • Multi-phase fault tolerant
  • Low noise signature (NVH)
  • Design optimized for radiated and structure-borne noise
  • Fuel economy improvement and CO2 reduction
  • Applicable for both gasoline and diesel based powertrains, manual/automatic transmission and diverse vehicle platforms
  • CO2 reduction of ~11% (validated by collaborative 48V ‘ADEPT’ program)
  • Advanced emission reduction
  • Utilizes dynamic controllability of SR motor to achieve <50ms torque delivery
  • Thermal management strength ensures good availability without performance de-rate
  • Torque-assist reduces load on engine during transient events, thereby reducing NOx and PM emissions

Supports reduced emissions and fuel consumption during more dynamic drive cycles including Real Driving Emissions (RDE)