CPT SpeedTorq® 

CPT SpeedTorq® addresses P2, P3 and P4 driveline electrification architectures, and is an evolved version of the 48V CPT SpeedStart®. It can be used with integrated starter generators which are P0 engine mounted and belt drives.

CPT SpeedTorq® offers a modular construction which allows alternative front end drive systems, such as shaft and gear option, sprocket and chain, belt pulley or splined shaft. It incorporates user-friendly design elements from the CPT SpeedStart® design, like power electronics and integrated controls which cover secondary devices. During long operations, it facilitates the liquid cooling of both electronics and motor. CPT SpeedTorq® presents customers with a range of tailored options, subject to their driveline architecture and requirements. These include options for oil cooling, engine coolant and secondary coolant.

When a vehicle slows down, this mild-hybrid solution is capable of recuperating kinetic energy, enhancing drivability through the application of transient torque assist. When it comes to advanced controls, CPT SpeedTorq® offers torque profiling, enabling e-crawling and e-park assist. The secondary actuation of gear and clutch systems is also possible through the torque vectoring which CPT SpeedTorq® provides.

CO2 reduction and fuel economy enhancement apply to powertrains which are both diesel and gasoline based, and are dependent on the factors of functionality and architecture.