TIGERS® (Turbo-generator Integrated Gas Energy Recovery System) tackles the issue of fuel energy loss head on, combining an exhaust driven turbine and liquid cooled Switched Reluctance (SR) generator. This simple and technically mature system seamlessly converts exhaust gas energy into electrical energy, cutting down fuel consumption thanks to a reduction of the engine alternator system’s mechanical loading.

TIGERS®, which monitors engine operating condition through fully integrated bespoke software, can be mounted anywhere in the exhaust system. It actively adjusts generation and exhaust back-pressure, using electronically controlled bypass valves to generate power only for the achievement of net system benefits. All vehicle types, including hybrids, and internal combustion engines, can benefit from the application of TIGERS®’ recovery techniques.

In addition to advanced emission control benefits currently under investigation, the TIGERS® turbo generator offers a range of advantages including:

System Simplicity

  • A single unit installed in a conventional exhaust system with potential cost benefits

System Maturity

  • Not dependent upon new material development and associated costs


  • The SR generator technology is readily controlled for optimised energy harvesting and self-protection

Operating Range

  • Fully functional over a wide operating temperature range

Proven Energy Recovery

  • Specific systems adopted by F1 racing cars to provide power boosts

Off Cycle Real World Driving Benefits

  • Measured and demonstrated on light to heavy duty vehicle applications