Sales and Use Tax Direct Payment

Currently, Federal-Mogul and its legal entities issue "Direct Pay Permits” to their suppliers and vendors for all purchases of direct and indirect materials and/or services.

Direct Pay Permits allow Federal-Mogul to purchase all materials, supplies and services from vendors exempt from sales and use tax without payment of sales and use tax to the vendor and allows payment of any applicable tax directly to the appropriate State and/or Local taxing authority.

A copy of the Direct Pay Permit can be downloaded from the link provided below by selecting the applicable Federal-Mogul legal entity name and Sate where purchased item will be delivered.

If you require a sales tax exemption certificate for a Federal-Mogul facility not on direct pay (including Powertrain, Ignition, and Piston Rings), please contact Tina Weiksnar at 248-915-4136 or email her at  If you require a sales tax exemption certificate for a Federal-Mogul Motorparts facility not on direct pay, please contact Bethanie Campbell at 847-482-5323 or email her at

Direct Payment Permits — Federal-Mogul and Legal Entities

Alabama​ 38-2719472​ Federal-Mogul Powertrain LLC 1500 Freeman Ave. Athens​ SDP-8000 RA278
​Illinois 38-2719472 ​Federal-Mogul Powertrain LLC ​2425 Busse Road ​Elk Grove Village ​Not on Direct Pay
Indiana​ 38-2719472
Federal-Mogul Powertrain LLC. 3605 West Cleveland Rd.
South Bend


​Indiana ​38-2719472 ​Federal-Mogul Powertrain LLC ​2845 W. State Rd. 28 ​Frankfort 0003304302-003


83-1339287​ Federal-Mogul Ignition LLC​ 3009 Sylvania Dr.​ Burlington​ 1-29-915382
Michigan​ 38-2719472
Federal-Mogul Powertrain LLC 27777 Frankiln Dr. Southfield


Michigan​ 38-3605957​ Federal-Mogul Piston Rings, LLC 200 South Maple St.​ Sparta​ 38-3605957
​Michigan ​74-1933558 ​Tenneco Automotive Operating Co., Inc. ​MI Locations ​MI Locations 74-1933558
Minnesota​ 38-2719472
Federal-Mogul Powertrain LLC 520 North Eighth St.​ Lake City​ 3905395
Minnesota​ 41-1945013​ Federal-Mogul TP Liners, Inc.​ 520 North Eighth St.​ Lake City​ 4786520​
Ohio​ 83-1339287 Federal-Mogul Ignition LLC 6420 Glenn Highway Rd.​ Cambridge​ 98100066
Ohio​ 38-2719472​ Federal-Mogul Powertrain LLC​ 150 Fisher Ave. Van Wert​


Pennsylvania​ 38-2719472​ Federal-Mogul Powertrain LLC​
241 Welsh Pool Rd.​ Exton​ Not on Direct Pay​
​Tennessee ​74-1933558 ​Tenneco Automotive Operating Co., Inc. ​645 E Broad St ​Smithville 1813130240
Texas​ 38-2719472​ Federal-Mogul Powertrain LLC​ 1277 Joe Battle Blvd.​ El Paso​ 1-38-2719472-4
Virginia​ ​2719472​ Federal-Mogul Powertrain LLC​ 300 Industrial Park Rd. SE​ Blacksburg​ 10-382719472F-001
Wisconsin​ 38-3605957​ Federal-Mogul Piston Rings, LLC​ 2318 Waldo Blvd.​ Manitowoc​ WDP 02-01-01064​
Wisconsin​ 38-2719472 Federal-Mogul Powertrain LLC
401 Industrial Ave Waupun​ 008-0000263021-06
Wisconsin​ ​39-2039326​ United Piston Ring Inc. (JV)​ ​2920 Fairmont St.​ Manitowoc WDP 04-01-01076