SupplyNet Scorecard — Road to Supplier Performance Excellence

Federal-Mogul uses the following criteria to rate the performance of our suppliers for all
Federal-Mogul manufacturing and distribution facilities.

  • Identification of continuous improvement and cost-savings opportunities
  • Promote and encourage improved communication on performance issues
  • Provide objective data for use in supplier management and sourcing decisions
  • Recognition of exceptional supplier performance


Category: These are the main groupings by which suppliers will be measured. The initial set of categories for which measurements will be compiled are Delivery, Quality and Supplier Cost-Saving Suggestions (SCSS). Each category has assigned weighting, which is rolled into the overall score. Category scores range from 0 to 100 points.

Overall Rating: The Overall Rating is a description of the performance level of supply as viewed by Federal-Mogul. Scores for each category are multiplied by the weighting, and the summation entails the overall score for the supplier. Overall Ratings associated to the overall score are as follows:

Overall Rating Weighted Point Score:

  • Preferred: 90 to 100
  • Acceptable: 70 to 89
  • Developmental: 0 to 69

“Preferred” Supplier Rating:

  • Federal-Mogul will work with these suppliers on new product development.
  • Federal-Mogul will assist these suppliers in maintaining a competitive position.
  • Federal-Mogul will maintain a listing of “Approved for New Business” suppliers.

“Acceptable” Supplier Rating:

  • Federal-Mogul will require a plan from the supplier outlining how to achieve preferred status.
  • Federal-Mogul will monitor supplier improvement.

“Developmental” Supplier Rating:

  • Federal-Mogul requires corrective action if the supplier is rated at this level for three consecutive months during the calendar year.
  • The supplier must provide plans to improve performance to an acceptable level.
  • Federal-Mogul will look at alternative sources if performance does not improve.
Supplier Rating Qualifications:

The rating system will entail any supplier deemed appropriate by the Federal-Mogul Manufacturing/Distribution Purchasing Team.

Supplier Scores and Category Weighting

As illustrated above, there are three main categories by which suppliers are measured:

  • Delivery 40 percent 
  • Quality 40 percent
  • Supplier Cost-Saving Suggestions (SCSS) 20 percent

A value is displayed in each category on the Global Scorecard for every Federal-Mogul facility receiving product(s) or service(s) from the supplier.

Quality Category: Rating Criteria

The Quality category is comprised of two components:

  • Parts Per Million (PPM) 50 percent
  • Quantity of supplier corrective action requests (SCARs) issued 50 percent

PPM is based on SCARs. Both the number of SCARs and PPM are reported monthly. SCAR responsiveness does not factor into the supplier’s Overall Score. Currently, it is only displayed on the Scorecard.


PPM Count​ Points​ # of SCARs # of SCARs​
0​ ​100 ​0 ​100
​1-25 ​90 ​1 ​70
​26-50 ​80 ​2-4 ​40
​51-100 ​60 ​5+ ​0
​101-250 ​40
​251-500 ​20
​501+ ​0


Delivery Category: Rating Criteria

On-time delivery:

The delivery score is based on the average percentage across using plants for the current month. On-time delivery percentage has a window of one day early and zero days late to the due date and +/- 5 percent of order quantity. The on-time delivery percentage is determined by line items received on time divided by the number of line items due by the supplier for the month.

Consignment programs receive a 100 percent delivery percentage unless a stockout is caused. The score is reduced by 10 percent for each day of the stockout.

SCSS (Supplier Cost-Saving Suggestions): Rating Criteria

5 percent target performance:

SCSS are targeted at 5 percent of the year’s forecasted dollars spent. The supplier must make SCSS submittals to the plant or the commodity manager.


​Score SCSS Measurement​
100​ ​5% and above
​85 ​4% to 4.9%
​70 ​3% to 3.9%
​40 ​2% to 2.9%
​20 ​1% to 1.9%
​0 ​0.9% and below